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B2B & B2C E-Commerce Solutions for Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers



Our focus is on the manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler space, because that’s our history. We have built multi-million e-commerce channels from scratch. We understand your business needs and how to best connect you with customers.

E-commerce Website Design

We create clean and modern online shopping experiences with guided navigation and easy checkout.

Google & Bing Shopping

We set up and manage your shopping campaigns with a hyper-focus on ROAS.

Amazon Seller Management

We navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon and help you win the buy box.

Social Commerce

We help you identify your target audience and promote company awareness.

Marketplace Management

We help you sell on Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or any other relevant marketplace.

Strategic Roadmap

We help you figure out which channels and tactics will hit your target KPIs.
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These are some of our most recent success stories.


USESI was already a $1.6B company with 125 locations. But they had no e-commerce platform or product content. They needed tools for their B2B customers (electrical contractors).

The new highly-customized content-rich Magento platform became a $14M e-commerce B2B channel and a B2C channel was created at USESI.com.
“With Mike's expertise, he was able to help us launch our B2B e-commerce channel supporting our parent company and 11 subsidiaries. This was a huge undertaking and Mike delivered exactly what we needed." - Randy Eddy, CEO, U.S. Electrical Services


After several years of false starts, Crescent Electric lacked B2B capabilities.

Within three months, we launched Crescent Electric’s customized Hybris e-commerce platform, mobile website, IOS/Android apps. We also managed their development and digital marketing departments.
“One among many things that Mike was instrumental in bringing to Crescent was bringing our website into the 21st century.” - Gabe Hill, Crescent Electric


The scientific industrial equipment wholesaler had a website but needed an expanded platform that would incorporate a newly acquired industrial wholesaler.

We instituted a new digital marketing plan and relaunched Thermal Fisher’s website onto a homegrown platform that integrated more than 100 individual brands with custom pricing, currency, language, and rich content.
“Mike was instrumental in leading the development of our new website while soliciting input from all departments to develop our industry-leading e-commerce site.” - Brad Zipser, Manager, Cole-Palmer
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We are platform agnostic but have extensive experience building websites on various platforms.

Here are some of the most popular:



“Mike is an innovative e-commerce professional who masterfully applied technology to make our business more efficient and profitable.”
Jeff Jolly
VP, Jani-King International
“Mike is the full package when it comes to eCommerce. He enhanced the online experience while rapidly driving revenue growth by establishing our presence on Amazon.”
Charles Krywko
Manager, Global Clearing Firm
“Mike was instrumental in launching our e-commerce platform and supported our sales efforts to grow out B2B business.”

Ted Dlugolecki
President, Standard Electric


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