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Marketing Automation With a focus on manufactureRs, wholesalers & Distributors


Increase conversions and sales by creating highly personalized, high-contact marketing automation campaigns that go beyond templates and generic emails.

What is a Digital Marketing Lead
generation Funnel?

The top of the digital marketing sales funnel includes everything you do to make potential customers aware of your brand, including: search engine advertising, social media campaigns, and building a user-friendly, search engine optimized (SEO) website.

Once people visit your site, it’s up to your web content to make them feel they’ve “discovered” something new in your brand. You know that you’ve converted an interested visitor to a lead when they’re willing to submit their email address for more information or a talk with your team. From there, a high-touch email or text campaign can entice your prospect to a sale—and later retain them as a loyal customer.

What Can a Marketing Automation Agency do for your business?

A marketing automation agency helps nurture prospects and convert them to paying customers with remarkably customized, valuable emails and texts that target the most engaged members of your online audience. We deliver a combination of technology and strategy designed for maximum ROI.


We assess your existing marketing automation campaigns, and if they are adequately set up and technologically sound, we build a strategic campaign from your current platform.

Capitalizing on the resources you already have saves time and money without interrupting your revenue generation activities. However, if it looks like you’ve outgrown your current system, we help you transition to new technology that takes your business to the next level.

Prestige Distribution

Commercial bathroom supplier Prestige Distribution was looking for digital marketing agencies in Chicago that could redesign their e-commerce site for a better user experience. Main Event rebuilt the site with a new look, higher performance SEO, and user-friendly navigation and product content.

Lotus Home Improvement

A family-owned kitchen and bath remodeling company, Lotus Home Improvement wanted a Chicago digital marketing agency to migrate their simple HTML site to a CMS site they could update themselves. Main Event Digital optimized their site for mobile and added sales features to convert visitors to buyers.

Midwest Industrial Materials

Midwest Industrial Materials, a multi-location scrap metal recycling company, needed a digital marketing agency in Chicago that could give them a custom website with good SEO. Main Event redeveloped the site on a new theme, built out location-specific pages, and added sales conversion optimization plug-ins.


We use automation marketing technology that can be integrated with your website to track the individual journeys of visitors throughout your site.

This allows us to map your customer journey through the sales lead generation funnel, collecting data on your customers' behaviors and interactions all along the way, to better understand your potential for capturing leads.



We can supercharge your understanding of your customers by integrating your marketing automation system with external data sources like your customer relationship management system (CRM), customer data platform (CDP), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), and more.

These integrations make your entire customer outreach program more efficient and help you more accurately identify the best sales leads. They also make your performance analytics more accurate so you can focus on the marketing and sales tactics that really deliver.


A sound strategy and design is where the rubber meets the road. If your company is serious about increasing conversions and creating a better experience for customers, then the days of boring, old nurture or drip campaigns are over.

We use your data to craft highly personalized automated marketing campaigns, sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The result is delighted customers and increased sales.


Once we have built your programs, we make some tweaks and adjustments over time as we collect more data and your business evolves. We help your team maintain a strong marketing automation program to drive business throughout the year.

We also help you refine any previously successful, “oldie but goodie” campaigns and start new campaigns from scratch as needs change.


We deliver detailed monthly reporting and analytics that will give you new, revealing insights about your customers and your marketing efforts.

Our reports will also track the results of all Main Event efforts to improve your lead generation, and conversion. This is what drives decision making for your marketing team, and it’s how we prove our work.


We take tailored communications further with the latest technology. Our emails are designed and coded to be mobile responsive, adapting to the Users' specific device.

Need your automated emails to be compatible with Google dark mode and Google amp?

Don’t worry, we have the skills to meet these needs and a host of other technical requirements you may have.

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