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Erik Crago


Digital Marketing Project Manager

Erik dropped out of law school to pursue a masters in Information Technology at WPI in the late 90’s, during the dot.com glory days. While he started off his career working in IT, his passion for digital marketing is where his career path took him. Erik has worked for larger companies, such as McAfee and Autodesk, but thrives in smaller, more creative and nimble startups and upstarts where there’s a mix of team members and abilities to bounce ideas and learn from.

Originally from the Boston area and coastal New Hampshire, Erik and his wife Lisa moved to the “Suncoast” region of Florida in 2020 when Lisa began working from home.

In his free time, Erik enjoys spending time with his family, his 5 year old Australian Shepherd Ollie, and exploring the area by boat.

Fun fact: The move from Boston to Palmetto, Florida took 5 weeks because Erik, Lisa and Ollie (the dog) live and work on their boat - a 41 foot 2006 Silverton Motoryacht they purchased 15 years ago. The trip by boat from Boston to Florida was 1,600 miles, and took 5 weeks due to storms and work commitments - there were down days to finish up projects.