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Heavy Industrial Equipment Marketing Agency to Make You an E-Commerce Champ


The industrial marketing experts and web design heavy hitters at Main Event Digital are seasoned at helping companies like those in the industrial equipment business to become e-commerce winners with tough-minded digital strategies.

Whether your company is considering a subscription model, moving to more sustainable practices, or simply integrating new technology, our team of specialists can help you use current industry trends to grow your online presence.

We’ll help you to attract the right customers to increase your revenue from heavy machinery and industrial equipment. We specialize in helping businesses that are new to e-commerce make the most of their opportunities online using the latest technologies and tools. Get in the ring with us to see measurable results in the digital arena.


Ecommerce Solutions for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Main Event Digital helped a billion-dollar electrical wholesaler increase e-commerce revenue by 55%, and quadrupled revenue for a scientific equipment supplier by launching 100 different websites globally. Whether you’re a supplier that needs to launch your first-ever B2B ecommerce platform for residential, commercial or industrial projects or you want to launch online account management for a new equipment-as-a-service offering, Main Event Digital is ready to jump into the ring by designing easy-to-use, customer-friendly online portals and equipment tracking apps.

Main Event Digital will proudly make your company the champion of heavy industrial equipment sales. Put us in your corner.


Industrial Equipment Marketing Tactics That Get Your Business Found Online

If you’re in the heavyweight division of industrial equipment sales, salvage or manufacturing, then you’ll need a range of digital marketing services to keep you on your toes and swinging. Main Event Digital uses the latest high-tech strategies to drive online traffic, customer experience and sales.

Industrial Equipment Web Design & Development

We turn website visitors into customers with attractive websites that are user-friendly and fast.

Industrial Equipment E-Commerce Services

We apply easy navigation and clean, fast checkouts to heavy industrial equipment sales and rental platforms.

Industrial Equipment Digital Marketing Solutions

We design online marketing campaigns specific to your products and industry with hyper-focus on return-on-investment.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Since 50% of internet traffic is initiated through mobile devices, we prepare your website for optimal mobile performance.

Search Engine Marketing For Equipment Manufacturers

We’ll design paid search campaigns that take out the competition and rocket you to the top of search engines with paid ad campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads.


Search Engine Optimization for Heavy Industrial Equipment Companies

We do research and employ the latest strategies to put you on top of search engine results related to your business.

Conversion Optimized

We use interactive tools and sophisticated data collection to advance your website visitors along the buyer’s journey.

Marketplace Management

If a common platform emerges for heavy industrial equipment sales, we’ll use best practices to grow your sales there.

Content Marketing For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

We provide content that truly understands your industrial buyer and engages website visitors, increasing your traffic, consumer trust, and growing your authority online.

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