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Populate your product catalog with unique content that enhances your SEO and on-site search capabilities while driving marketing and sales.

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See a $200 year-over-year increase per SKU when you invest in unique content for product listings on your e-commerce platform.

Our e-commerce experts have decades of experience building large-volume catalogs that deliver major growth in revenue.


E-commerce sales go up dramatically when customers can easily find what they want. We design user-friendly taxonomies with multiple layers so that your buyers can find their product with the least number of clicks.

We can also clean up and enhance your taxonomy if it needs help. Once the structure is optimal, we assign your products categories and attribute tags so that they show up in the right search results.

Ecommerce Product Specifications and Normalized Attributes

No matter how large your catalog is, we help you identify the vital attributes of every product, organize them and normalize the attribute values (inches versus in. versus “) so that your products can easily be found using filters on your site or in an online marketplace.  

Avoid Duplicate Content Issues with Custom Product Page Content

Search engine algorithms penalize content that is duplicated across a site or from other sources. We are experienced in developing unique content that helps you be found on the Internet while differentiating your product from the competition.

We build out quality custom romance copy that appeals to your buyers’ pain points along with custom features bullets for every product in your catalog, with the right word count for your target buyer and SEO goals. 

SEO Friendly Custom Product Naming

Having difficulty coming up with the right product name? Main Event conducts market research and leverages our creative team to brainstorm and test a winning title for your product.

Optimized Professional Product Images and Rich Product Media

The quality of your product images can make or break your sale. At our standard price, Main Event provides three high-quality, professional images per catalog product in large, standard, and thumbnail sizes.

In addition, when possible we include your rich product media in catalog listings, such as product-manufacturer videos and downloadable documents like spec sheets, owner’s manuals, and installation instructions. These broaden your customer appeal and increase the likelihood of sales. 

Featured Products for Cross-selling and Upselling

Highlighting related or substitute products on an e-commerce product listing can cross-sell or upsell products. Research has shown that customers who click on recommended products are 4.5 times more likely to purchase and purchase at a higher average order value.
We help you strategically leverage your e-commerce technology for ROI by including up to four related or substitute products in each product listing. 


Working with Your Needs

Whether you want product content to improve your search engine rankings, to promote specific items, or simply to improve your on-site search experience, we can help. We also develop product listings for Product Information Management Systems (PIMs) and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP systems) so that companies can have a strong database of product knowledge. We provide flat files of product listings that can be used for your own imports.

Creating content for a product catalog with a few dozen or even hundreds of thousands of SKUs can be a daunting task, but the experts at Main Event have been there and have launched more than 100 e-commerce sites with success. Put your money on us to reach your e-commerce goals with outstanding results.