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Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers, Knock Out Your Online Competition with Main Event Digital

Main Event Digital is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency that’s helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers to become heavyweights of e-commerce.

The automotive industry has been lagging behind other industries in e-commerce and ignoring the fastest growing sales channel. Just a few websites dominate online automotive sales, and other companies risk falling behind.

Main Event Digital will make sure your automotive e-commerce website has all the bells and whistles that other industries have made standard for the customer buying experience. We’ll help you develop a heavy hitting e-commerce strategy right from the opening bell.

Our Clients

Develop a Bare-Knuckle E-Commerce Strategy with Our Digital Marketing Pros

Main Event Digital has a track record of success for B2B e-commerce sales. We have created e-commerce sites for clients with hundreds of thousands and even millions of products. We make sure that all the information a customer needs, and the process they expect, is available in a user-friendly buying experience.

We’ve launched hundreds of different websites worldwide to help a billion-dollar supplier quadruple its online revenue and helped a billion-dollar wholesaler drive online sales by 55%.The digital marketing experts at Main Event Digital train our customers to e-commerce greatness, which we define as keeping our focus on the bottom line—to drive your revenue up.


Our Marketing Services for the Automotive Industry

Main Event Digital wants to be in your corner, and we will use a smart digital marketing strategy to help you win online.

Automotive Web Design & Development

We know that customers want information, honesty and an easy buying experience, so we develop eye-catching and user-friendly websites.

Automotive Ecommerce Services

We build and optimize websites to create fast checkouts, and make navigation easy.

Automotive Marketing Solutions

We deliver digital marketing campaigns that drive customers to your site and deliver measurable ROI.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Half the traffic on the internet is accessed through mobile devices, so we upgrade your site for enhanced mobile use.

Google & Bing Shopping

We devise and build shopping ad campaigns that win you the most customers possible for each dollar spent.


Search Engine Optimization for Automotive Manufacturing and Supply

We use research to make sure your site ranks near the top of search engine results for terms related to your automotive business.

Conversion Optimization

We track user activity and engage interactive software to move visitors along the buyer’s journey on your website.

Marketplace Management

We make sure your brand stands out in online marketplaces geared towards automotive.

Content Marketing

We develop content that engages users and drives new automotive industry visitors toward your website.

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