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LinkedIn Marketing Automation

Increasing leads and conversions by creating highly personalized messaging has always been a staple of Main Event Digital’s marketing automation efforts.

To further these efforts, we’ve established proprietary workflows and software integrations focused specifically on LinkedIn Automation. These workflows have led to higher engagement rates than ever before.

Utilizing your sales teams' LinkedIn Accounts, we automate two types of workflows: prospecting and outreach
For prospecting, we harness the power of LinkedIn’s filters to find highly targeted leads and automate invites and messages, view and follow their accounts, like and share their content and endorse them for skills.

We're seeing 15% to 25% of people willing to connect and respond to requests for more information or to set up a call. For outreach, we use your existing LinkedIn network to find new business opportunities via messaging workflows. Engagement rates for this type of campaign averages between 20% and 35%.

Please note that what we’re doing is broadly classified as “drip marketing” which by its nature takes place over days or weeks. We therefore recommend a two to three month trial with three or more campaigns to assess “fit.".


What is LinkedIn Marketing Automation?

Everyday, your LinkedIn inboxes are filled with impersonal, salesy-type messages. The drip campaigns delivering these off-the-shelf messages have been around for years and are largely ineffective.

But we now have more data than ever before! This data includes knowledge about who our prospects are and the best ways to connect with them. 

Over a period of time, we can use this data and knowledge to focus on messaging that encourages engagement. This dynamism in marketing automation was previously cumbersome and non-existent. But, you can now make informed decisions that will lead to increased prospects, a far more robust following, and, ultimately, more conversions.

What Type of LinkedIn Marketing Automation Campaigns are Most Effective?

Main Event Digital’s software has seen great results in two different types of LinkedIn Automation campaigns. Whether you want to use a free version for marketing within LinkedIn or pay for Sales Navigator (see below for pricing), Main Event Digital has seen success in both prospecting and outreach campaigns.


We harness the power of LinkedIn’s filters to find the right people to target. We then connect with them and send messages that are highly relevant to their activity and needs. Our typical prospecting campaigns see 15%-25% of recipients responding, requesting more information, or scheduling a call. 

Additionally, prospecting has also proven to be successful in generating offline leads and conversions. We can make prospects aware of upcoming conference appearances and help you schedule valuable meetings.


Outreach is an effective way to use your existing network of connections to stay connected and find more business opportunities. We’ve had even more success with our outreach campaigns, as they build on the connections you already have.

Consequently, we typically see engagement rates near 20% and as high as 35%.

How is Main Event Digital’s Approach to LinkedIn Marketing Automation Different?

Main Event Digital uses software that makes marketing automation a breeze. We start with an individual's LinkedIn profile. The software uses profile information to customize messaging, making it seem like personal, one-off outreach to prospective clients. 

If we’re attempting a prospecting campaign, we can program the software to request a connection and send a message that has meaning and value. Once you have prospects as connections, we’ll set them on the path toward conversion.  We can also automate importing leads into your CRM, thereby triggering your marketing automation campaigns.

Prestige Distribution

Commercial bathroom supplier Prestige Distribution was looking for digital marketing agencies in Chicago that could redesign their e-commerce site for a better user experience. Main Event rebuilt the site with a new look, higher performance SEO, and user-friendly navigation and product content.

Lotus Home Improvement

A family-owned kitchen and bath remodeling company, Lotus Home Improvement wanted a Chicago digital marketing agency to migrate their simple HTML site to a CMS site they could update themselves. Main Event Digital optimized their site for mobile and added sales features to convert visitors to buyers.

Midwest Industrial Materials

Midwest Industrial Materials, a multi-location scrap metal recycling company, needed a digital marketing agency in Chicago that could give them a custom website with good SEO. Main Event redeveloped the site on a new theme, built out location-specific pages, and added sales conversion optimization plug-ins.

There’s also an added benefit of the software and increasing your connections: Building a social media following! This requires following posts and content of your connections and prospects. Our processes and software integrations can save you a ton of time by automating views, likes, and endorsements.

These “actions” can then be combined into compelling “sequences” or “flows” without the need for any intervention by you. The best part is that the recipients will see that these “actions” (views, likes, and endorsements) are coming from you!


How Much Time Will LinkedIn Marketing Automation take me?

The common problem affecting companies who don’t have an in-house marketing team is finding the time to grow your following and making conversions on social media. In full transparency, our LinkedIn Automation process will require some of your time.

The difference between our process versus running it yourself, however,  is that it will only take you 15-60 minutes a day. This time will mostly be spent responding to personal messages that you receive, and those are potential customers!

The drip campaigns themselves can take two to three months, and that is by design. Each message you send is carefully crafted and part of a broader strategy of messaging that takes weeks to truly take effect.

We therefore recommend a three month trial with three or more campaigns. This will enable us to gather data to determine who to target and find the best “fit" for your messaging.

How much does LinkedIn Marketing Automation Cost?

The basic software cost to license/subscribe is $79 per month. However, depending on the number of campaigns that you decide to launch and the size of these campaigns, it can cost up to $250 a month. These are the software expenses and do not include our labor.

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