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"I highly recommend Main Event Digital for their creativity and web design, their focus on user experience throughout that process, and overall, I find them a valued partner that helps us to support planning and execution throughout our digital journey."

Michael Eichinger


Bay Supply

"The team at Main Event Digital has continuously impressed us with their ability to address the nuances of our specific industry. While they already have a background of experience to pull from, they take time to fully understand not only our industry, but what sets us apart from our competitors in it, and what will speak to our customers." -

Tiffani Hoover

Digital Development


Main Event Digital built websites for 14 different communities with unique content and optimized them for local discovery. We love the look of the new sites and we're getting more applications now than ever before. Couldn't be more pleased with what they delivered!

Tracy Helson

Sr. Vice President; Operations

Ravinia Communities

"Going into year three with the company, we always appreciate the unique ideas the Main Event Digital team offers us on a monthly basis. We are a small company and they have helped to make us look big and have helped brand us as a leader in our industry. One of the hardest parts of working with digital companies is the pricing. Main Event Digital was fair and made me feel the package was a win/win for both of us."

Ken Polikov

VP at

Nu-Concepts Window Company

"Main Event Digital has been an amazing asset for our company. They are able to deliver a variety of services (web site changes, press releases, virtual conference collateral, etc.) often in a high pressure situation with aggressive deadlines. It's partnerships with companies such as MED which have allowed us to grow even in these uncertain times. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible, diverse, strategic marketing partner."

Charles Occhino

Chief Technology Officer at


"Mike has served as a trusted advisor to myself and my Digital leadership team. With his track record of both hands-on and strategic experience he's been able to help us figure out better ways to focus our site search plan, agency management, technical audits, testing methods and generally help get us on a more optimized track. More important Mike has been super easy to work with and always positive and helpful and solutions oriented."

Bruce Z.

President at

Travers Tool Co., Inc.

"It's a pleasure working with Mike. I introduced him to help a wholesale distributor improve their e-commerce presence. He far exceeded expectations and has been onboard for almost a year now. He's a creative marketer and techie all wrapped up into one. To top it off, he brings a very talented team to the table with Main Event Digital. I'm happy to recommend him for e-commerce strategy, e-commerce implementation and digital marketing."

Mark Bradford

VP Digital Performance at

Illinois Lottery Camelot Illinois

"Mike has helped our business tremendously by building out a strategic roadmap and executing on our shared strategy. He's enhanced our 3rd party marketplace presence (Amazon), built out a robust e-commerce store on Shopify, fleshed out thousands of our products with rich, unique content, implemented a loyalty program, marketing automation and more. He brings a rockstar team to the table and I'd highly recommend both Mike and Main Event Digital."

Adi Klinghofer

Co-Owner / VP at

Prestige Distribution

"With Mike's expertise, he was able to help us launch our B2B e-commerce channel supporting our parent company (usesi.com) and 11 subsidiaries. This was a huge undertaking and Mike delivered exactly what we needed."

Randy Eddy

President/CEO at

US Electrical Services

"Mike was instrumental in launching our e-commerce platform and supported our sales efforts to grow out B2B business."

Ted Dlugolecki

President at

Standard Electric

“With Mike's direction, he was able to plan and deliver a digital strategy that took our company to the next level.”

Steven Valcourt

President of

Electrical Wholesalers USESI

“I understand he often works with billion dollar companies but he was able to put together a strategy for our small business that worked for us.”

Ryan Moran

Founder of


“His strategy led to us having a best-in-class search engine driving a high volume of both B2C and B2B orders as well as leads.”

Phillip Byrnes

Director of Business Intelligence at

U.S. Electrical Services

“He delivered what he promised, was easy to work with and took a very cost-effective approach to testing the waters for my product invention.”

Chris Wroblewski

Founder of


“Mike is an innovative e-commerce professional who masterfully applied technology to make our business more efficient and profitable.”

Jeff Jolly

Vice President at

Jani-King International

“He was ahead of schedule and provided a variety of potential solutions for our needs with rationale behind each. I recommend Mike!”

Gregg Miller

Founder at

Miller | Reaves

“Mike is a problem solver who does not shy away from the tough assignments."

Jeff Anderson

President at

ATEK Distribution

“Mike's work ethic is unmatched and he is always willing to figure a way to get things done. Any company would be better off with Mike on their team.”

Gabe Hill

General Manager of Cummins Global at

Wurth Service Supply

“Mike understands, not only website design, but also the perspective of the users heading to a website. He has a knack for efficient, clean, effective websites that deliver results.”

Ryan Faulkingham

CFO at

Compass Diversified Holdings

“He enhanced the online experience with customer-engaging enhancements such as Live Chat and Answer box while rapidly driving revenue growth by establishing our presence on Amazon.”

Charles Krywko

Business Transformation Manager at

Global Clearing Firm

“Mike was instrumental in leading the development of our new web site while soliciting input from all departments to develop our industry-leading e-commerce site.”

Brad Zipser

Global Portfolio Manager at


“Mike is extremely intelligent but humble and takes direction and feedback well. I would gladly partner with Mike again in a variety of ways. He is a rare talent.”

Robert Mcgraw

Senior Manager at

S&C Electric Company

“Michael has great capacity to handle a variety and vast scale of issues, from very detailed technical accounts, to personal leadership, to high-level business strategy.”

Ben Wilbert

Vice President of Marketing at

Justrite Manufacturing Co.

“Michael has made many great contributions to the e-commerce growth at Cole-Parmer. Michael's ideas and his vision toward the future are immeasurable.”

Scott Linne

Senior Data Analyst at


“Michael is a dedicated person who will work very hard to accomplish the best possible result on anything he is in charge of.”

Avremi Galanti

Managing Director at

El-Hamma Instruments

“Mike is an e-commerce B2B professional. Strategic, creative and dedicated to achieving real world results. We have been delighted by his ability to add value to our business model.”

Andre Wyzenbeek

Director, Business Development at

John Morris Group


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