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Electrical Wholesale Marketing Agency to Make Your Business an E-Commerce Heavy Hitter


COVID-19 delivered a one-two punch to the electrical wholesale industry in 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, the Chicago SEO experts and web design champs at Main Event Digital are pros at helping electrical wholesalers come back swinging. In fact, we have coached a number of electrical wholesale companies to become champions of ecommerce.

E-commerce has caused electrical wholesale competition to heat up big time as new product specialists, hybrid sellers, and alternative channels have gotten into the ring. The e-commerce and marketing champs at Main Event Digital have impressive experience partnering with wholesalers to help them conquer industry challenges. In a cutthroat business environment, we help you stay strong with high-tech tools and digital marketing strategies that deliver real wins.

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Why Choose Main Event Digital for Your Electrical Wholesale Marketing Needs

Main Event helped a billion-dollar electrical wholesaler increase its e-commerce profit by 55% and helped another $2 billion electrical wholesaler initiate its B2B e-commerce site with a catalog containing hundreds of thousands of products. We launched more than 100 global sites for a wholesaler and grew their e-commerce profits 400%. We’ve created customer loyalty programs for our clients and also helped electrical wholesalers to develop B2C e-commerce by building direct-to-consumer platforms. We’ve helped clients go mobile with dozens of smartphone apps and turned them into stars on Amazon. And we get our kicks helping smaller businesses leave a big imprint with a limited budget.

At Main Event, we focus on the customer first. We work with the assurance that our team of seasoned digital marketing specialists will help your company knock out the competition. Get in the ring with Main Event Digital.


Our Chicago-Based Digital Marketing Agency Helps Electrical Wholesalers Score Knockout Wins Worldwide

We’ll help you come out champs in online business with a smart digital marketing strategy that brings results you can measure. Be a contender and go for the win with Main Event Digital.

Electrical Wholesale Website Design & Development

We put together electrical wholesale websites that draw visitors, are easy to navigate, and move people to buy.  

Electrical Wholesale Digital Marketing Solutions

We create and launch internet marketing campaigns specifically geared toward the electrical wholesale business with an emphasis on ROI.

Google & Bing Shopping

We design and manage your shopping campaigns to deliver the best results for each ad dollar spent in the electrical wholesale space. 

Conversion Optimization

We use a variety of tools and strategies to move your website visitors along the buyer’s journey to become electrical wholesale shoppers. 

Content Marketing

We create content that highlights your know-how for electrical wholesale customers and increases your online presence.

Electrical Wholesale E-Commerce Services

We build elegant, functional online shopping services that guide customers through the buying experience to a quick checkout.

Mobile-Friendly Wholesale Website

The majority of Internet traffic now comes via mobile devices. We make sure your website is ready with top-notch mobile functionality.

Search Engine Optimization for Electrical Wholesalers

Our SEO services make sure that your website attracts electrical wholesale customers and is among the top results for target search terms.

Marketplace Management

We help you get customers through Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Sears, or any vital online marketplace for electrical wholesale. 

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