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Digital Marketing For Chemical Manufacturers


The Chicago SEO experts and web design champs at Main Event Digital fight to help
chemical companies deliver tough competition in the online marketplace.
For the first time ever, U.S. chemical companies have begun to experience weakening performance. Main Event coaches chemical firms to make the most of opportunities to become market leaders with heavy-hitting online presence.

As broad global changes continue to challenge the chemical industry, we help companies come back swinging with proven online strategies. Our seasoned digital marketing specialists have wide-ranging experience working with chemical businesses to punch above their weight and go for the smart win. In an ever-changing environment, we employ advanced tech tools and savvy marketing know-how to grow your online platforms for genuine ROI.

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Marketing Plans that Grow Chemical Manufacturers

The Main Event team has driven a billion-dollar wholesaler to 55% e-commerce revenue growth and launched a B2B e-commerce site cataloging hundreds of thousands of products. We’ve built more than 100 global sites for a scientific wholesaler to expand their e-commerce profits by 4X. We’ve produced popular customer loyalty programs for
clients and helped industrial businesses to develop B2C e-commerce platforms to market themselves straight to consumers. Our mobile design strategy helped clients win traffic and turn out dozens of smartphone apps. We have made businesses top performers on Amazon.
And we fight hard for chemical companies that need to make a big impression.

We’re hyper-focused on delivering what customers need. The crew of digital marketing specialists at Main Event use their winning instinct to help chemical companies to come out champs in a tough industry. Beat the competition to the punch with Main Event Digital.


Put Our full-service Chemical Marketing Agency in Your Corner for Chemical
Business Wins Worldwide

We’ll help you become a contender in digital marketing with a heavy-hitting online business
strategy that delivers winning metrics. Push your company to the next level with Main Event

Chemical Website Design & Development

We design chemical websites that attract and engage consumers, provide high-end user experience, and drive sales.

Chemical Industry Digital Marketing Solutions

We conceive and devise digital marketing campaigns especially for the chemical sector with a commitment to measurable outcomes.

Google & Bing Shopping

We craft and execute your shopping campaigns to draw the most chemical buyers for each ad dollar spent.

Conversion Optimization

We create websites that prompt visitors to engage with your products and services in order to lead them to buy.

Content Marketing

We deliver compelling content that establishes your expertise for chemical sector consumers
and drives engagement on your website.

E-Commerce Services for Chemical Companies

We construct streamlined, easy-to-use online shopping platforms that lead buyers through a quick checkout.

Mobile-Friendly Websites for Chemical Products

Mobile devices have become dominant in Internet traffic. We optimize your website for superb
mobile capability.

Search Engine Optimization for the Chemical Sector

We work to place your company on the first page of search engine results when a customer looks up terms relevant to your business.

Marketplace Management

We grow your business on ChemDirect, COMIVO, or any online chemical marketplace that fits your business.

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