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Build brand awareness and raise your sales to the next level by getting your company’s consumer packaged goods placed in high-performing brick-and-mortar retail stores.



By negotiating with key players in brick-and-mortar retail and proving your product's viability, you can transform your consumer packaged goods business with major growth in customers and revenue. Our retail placement experts set you up for success.

Find the Right Stores

To keep your product on the shelves, it’s important to find stores where it can succeed. We run tests to analyze your product’s customer appeal.

Once we’ve found your typical customer, we research the market to find your perfect retail match. After the first product placement, others become easier.

Build Relationships

Brick-and-mortar retail is competitive. It can take months of negotiation to place a product in stores. New items are given limited time to prove they can sell.

After identifying your target store, we develop relationships with the key players at that store who can place your product. We learn what evidence they need to give you a chance. We get feedback on your samples to improve product strategy.

How To Pitch to Retail Buyers

We analyze your target retailer’s departments to see how you will fit. Then we leverage our industry relationships to find out how your retailer should be pitched.

If your product needs to prove it can sell, we run pilot programs through e-commerce and subscription boxes. We help you develop a customer following on social media and other channels. Finally we deliver an expert pitch to place your product in an ideal store.

Monthly Account Management

Keeping track of monthly accounts at different retailers is a headache. Main Event keeps track of your retail accounts for you, advising you on how to drive sales through in-store promotions, pricing, marketing collateral and product placement.

We use sophisticated data analytics to drive market share and category performance on all your retail accounts, both on-shelf and off-shelf. As shopping trends and consumer tastes change, we keep you in the know and help you stay relevant.

Go-To Market Strategy

Sometimes a client has a great product but no idea how to find customers or even form a unique value proposition. The retail experts at Main Event Digital are seasoned in developing best-in-class go-to-market strategies to help CPG manufacturers connect with buyers and create great customer experiences.

We’ll help you find your target customers, improve your packaging, create a robust online presence, and test your ability to sell in formats ranging from e-commerce to trade shows to subscription clubs. All of this prepares you for wider retail distribution in brick-and-mortar stores.

Grow Your Retail Footprint

Our goal is always to help you find new retail distribution opportunities for your product placement to help your brand and company thrive. At first, that could mean finding creative ways to develop an initial sales track record. It might mean launching digital marketing campaigns to grow awareness of your product. In some cases, it means getting advice from retailers for improving your strategy.

Ideally we will first place your product at a less competitive store or chain that is friendly to your brand. Once we see you succeed, we will begin seeking ways to build on your first product placement with a new retail slot. With more retail placements and channels for distribution comes the potential for game-changing sales growth and profit.