Targeting Audiences When Advertising on Facebook is Only Half the Battle


June 17, 2021

Targeting Audiences When Advertising on Facebook is Only Half the Battle

For Lower Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Broaden Your Target Audience

Facebook’s ability to enable companies to target their advertisements to the right person has changed advertising forever.

But digital marketing agencies have become too reliant on Facebook’s tools, and that’s why Main Event Digital is outpacing other agencies in social media advertising.

Facebook’s tools and ability to target audiences is not to be ignored, but what should also not be ignored is the enormous audience that can be overlooked when agencies choose to target on Facebook.

Let the Ad Run!

In an era when data rules supreme, companies who hire digital marketing agencies have a similar experience when advertising on Facebook—they’re promised the perfect ad for delivery to the right audience at a precise moment.

Yes, using data to learn about your users and prospects is an important piece of marketing, and in the digital age, it’s essential.

The issue is, Facebook’s algorithms figure out very quickly which users are most likely to engage with an advertisement, and this tends to be a very narrow selection of the group you target. Therefore, if you target too carefully, you can easily miss potential leads and customers who don’t neatly fit into the parameters defined by your market research and your target audience. We have found higher ROI from targeting ads to very general audiences—for example, all males over 18, rather than males between 50 and 65 who like fishing.

What Does the Data Say About Targeting Audiences on Facebook?

The prevailing wisdom when advertising on Facebook has advocated targeting the narrowest, most specific demographics possible. But consider that Facebook only shows your ad to 10% of the audience you worked so hard to select.

You read that right—if your audience is 50,000 people, which seems like a nice ring to box in, only 5,000 people are actually seeing the ad you’re running.

Then there’s the difficulty of keeping the darn thing running - Facebook will throw in the towel on your advertisement within a few days if it’s considered “non-performing.”

A Smarter Digital Marketing Approach Means Less Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

“Non-performing” ads are far too common, and if a company wants to spend weeks or months crafting a perfect advertisement only to find out that it's not up to snuff, that amounts to a whole lot of wasted time.

Main Event Digital prefers to come out swinging. With data collected from your company’s target audience, Main Event Digital will craft several ad variants and track how each performs within your ideal demographic.

The “non-performing” ads will inevitably drop off, but the ones that “perform” will give Main Event Digital insight into what is effective, and why that is. Afterall, your aim shouldn’t be to fight defensively, but to go on the offensive by finding out what works over what doesn’t.

Only then can your effective advertisement fall into the lap of your prospects and users. This approach means you’ll be spending a fraction on Cost Per Engagement (CPE), all while your brand reaches audiences you might otherwise have never connected with.

Come Out Swinging for Better CPE

Main Event Digital knows that there's an inverse relationship between the amount of money and spent in development to the long-term success of an ad. That’s why MED will start a social media campaign with any company as close to the opening bell as possible.

MED believes in tried and true marketing methods, such as focusing on the benefits of your company’s product or content. This low cost approach will lead to lower CPE, and more data collected on which advertisements work and which don’t.

That’s a great place to start. The ads that run during this opening phase of the process form the genesis of the advertisements that will raise awareness, harness connectivity to users, and convert prospects into customers in the future.

Get the support you need to be a champ in Facebook marketing. Get in the ring with Main Event Digital.



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