Pinterest Users are Highly Motivated to Buy Businesses' Products and Services


July 19, 2021

Using Pinterest in Your Business’s Social Media Marketing Campaign will Inspire Users with Your Products and Services

Pinterest is a high visibility social media and search engine platform that businesses—local and national—can’t afford to ignore.

Research shows that users buy products based on something they saw on Pinterest at a higher rate than any other social media platform.

Your marketing strategy should utilize the nuances of Pinterest to not only drive conversions, but to also connect users and clients to your brand in a way that expands your company’s reach, broadens visibility and becomes a long-term generator of online traffic.

How Businesses Interact with Pinterest Users

Pinterest is a platform for dreamers and planners, and for the layman, Pinterest is basically a search engine and social media platform meant for exchanging ideas. Main Event Digital uses Pinterest to bring to life your company’s benefits visually to inspire users.

Pinterest users are so active and hands on that 80 percent of active users say they’ve “discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.” Not only that, but 85 percent of active Pinterest users say “Pinterest is where they go to start a new project.”

By using high-quality images or video content, your business can use Pinterest to inspire their prospects and clients in a way that draws them to your product or service. Main Event Digital wants your Pinterest ad to breathe life into a user base that has a high purchase-intent.

Pinterest Users are Uniquely Motivated to Make Purchases

Anyone in search of new ideas should be open minded if they want to have success. That’s the beauty of Pinterest for business, as users are more likely to engage with new brands there than on other social media platforms, meaning your business has a better chance with a broader audience.

Main Event Digital uses high-quality ads to expose your business to this broader audience. As your following increases, your conversions and engagement go up. A full 83 percent of active Pinterest users have purchased from a brand they saw on Pinterest.

Social Media marketing on Pinterest and other platforms is something that Main Event Digital jumps into the ring with right from the opening bell. With such a motivated user base on Pinterest, MED starts advertising right away, then plays the long game toward your overall strategy.

Show Pinterest Users Your Business is Built to Last

Facebook and Instagram will throw in the towel on non-performing ads within a few days. Pinterest takes longer to rank, similar to Google rankings, making it ideal for companies that are built to last.

Main Event Digital knows the ins-and-outs of Pinterest to generate ads that convert and maintain constant contact with your followers. MED does this by showing your product or service in action through photography or video, thereby planting seeds in your clients’ heads with every ad.

The ads created by Main Event Digital will stay with your company and brand for a long time into the future, as ads are far more evergreen than other social media sites. With lasting ads and an immediate impact on customer engagement, your business will see low Cost Per Engagement using Pinterest.

Get the support you need to be a champ in marketing on Pinterest. Get in the ring with Main Event Digital.



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