By Leveraging Unique Twitter Ad Functions, Main Event Digital Can Help You Lower Your CPAs and Increase Conversions


July 15, 2021

Main Event Digital’s Understanding of Twitter Nuances Drives Lead Generation

With one in five US adults on Twitter, advertising on Twitter is an important piece of your social media marketing strategy.

Not only is there a large audience on Twitter, but ads that target specific groups generate lower Cost Per Action (CPA) than other social media platforms.

Twitter can be a critical part of your company’s social media strategy, as Twitter has features no other social media platform has, enabling you to connect your brand to clients and potential conversions in a unique way.

Twitter has Lower CPAs than Other Social Media Platforms

It would be easy to point out that Twitter users prefer images in ads, and that Twitter’s 280 character limit makes it a unique platform for advertising, but most people probably already know that.

What many business owners are less aware of is that Twitter is a pay-for-performance platform. That can work to your company’s advantage in a number of ways. Targeted ads based on your users’ interests are always a great way to make sure your ads engage with the right audience, but you shouldn’t be afraid to widen your reach.

One of the great features about Twitter is that when your company advertises on the social media platform, you don’t have to pay for your ads unless your marketing objective is reached. That means that if you run an app install campaign, a website conversion campaign, or even a followers campaign, you won’t pay what you budgeted unless you succeed in meeting your goal.

This ensures that your CPAs stay in check, while ads drive your marketing goals and engage with your current users. For this reason, Twitter is fantastic at lead generation, and it also has a number of other features that make it unique from other social media platforms.

Twitter Has Unique Features that No Other Social Media Platform Can Provide

Running ads that target specific people is nothing new for digital marketers, but understanding the nuances of each social media platform is essential to take advantage of what each offers.

Staying with targeted ads, Main Event Digital has found that Twitter’s ability to target all the users who follow a specific Twitter account is not unique, as Facebook and Instagram offer the same service.

However, the difference lies in the details, as for Facebook Custom Audiences to work properly, companies need to have the email address or phone number of the people they want to reach. If you already had that information, Main Event Digital would be talking to you about an “email lead generation campaign".

But social media strategy is largely based on expanding reach and engaging users with your brand—and not having to know the email and phone number of a potential conversion is an insane advantage that has no comparison. For this reason and others, Twitter is not a platform that can be ignored for your social media marketing campaign.

Twitter Engagement and Conversions by the Numbers

While it’s important to recognize the nuances of Twitter and other social media platforms, you also want to take a look at the hard data to better understand the marketplace. When we refer to the marketplace, we’re talking about the nearly one quarter of all adults—and 330 million monthly active users—on Twitter.

That many users means your reach can be vast, but it’s also important to own the marketplace in your backyard. Using location-based advertising features on Twitter can help you become the heavyweight champion of digital marketing in your geographical region.

One of the reasons for Main Event Digital’s success on social media platforms is because of the high conversion rates we achieve on Twitter. In a survey conducted by Twitter, 54% of users reported that they took action—whether that meant installing an app, taking action on a website, following a social account, or simply Retweeting a post—after they saw a Tweet mention a brand.

With over half of users surveyed taking some sort of action, and with Twitter offering an enormous marketplace and low-cost ad platform, you’d be crazy not to drive conversions for your company through an effective use of this social media channel.

No clue about where to start with Twitter? Too busy to put in the time to develop a high-performing Twitter campaign? Main Event Digital can offer the support you need to be a champ in your industry. Get in the ring with us.

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