Considering Customer Experience is Integral in Building a Better B2B Website


February 22, 2021

How B2B Businesses Can Build a Better Website

Your website is like your home. When visitors arrive, you want them to feel welcome and to enjoy their visit. That means building a B2B website that is user-friendly and one that provides a good experience so customers will not only make return visits, but they will make yours their go-to site for the products and services you are offering.

B2B Website development and content strategy are two of Main Event Digital’s primary services, arguably more important than SEO (although this is, of course, a major component). Focusing on manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, our design, content and optimization strategies fulfill the two most important functions of a website: Getting found and getting conversions.

We know what works on the web. It’s not about re-inventing the wheel, it’s about best practices. For example:

·   Icons make a better impression than bullet points (but for blogs like this one, bullet points are just fine)

·   Type and fonts must fulfill the two L’s: Be large and be legible

·   You know the old saying: One picture is worth a thousand words. Large chunks of copy, no matter how well written, are not as impactful as a graphic image supported by minimal text.

·   User-friendly navigation so your customers can get to where they want to go on your site without any unwanted and frustrating detours.

·   Prominently-placed calls to action

·   Accessible customer feedback (and dedicated swift response)

It is crucial for a B2B website that the journey is optimized no matter the user persona, whether it be a new visitor or a returning client. In terms of design strategy, the top third of the page is key real estate. Here, for example, testimonials convey to first-time visitors your expertise and foster consumer trust in your company. A streamlined log-in for established clients will allow them to get down to business quicker. It is important to offer call-to-action incentives to engage more with the company, such as a company newsletter or coupons.

Content strategy is another integral factor in a B2B website’s optimization. We help to craft a wide variety of compelling content that heighten your customers’ experiences when they visit your site. Blogs, presented on a consistent basis, can be vital in establishing your company as a cutting-edge thought leader and go-to resource for industry insights. Hero image and announcement banners provide laser focus on new products, services or company news.

Bios help establish your CEO and other executives as experts in their field. Along with certifications from such trusted organizations as the Better Business Bureau, a mission statement that encapsulates your company’s values helps foster a personal connection with customers. Functionality is also key to optimizing your customers’ experiences with your site. It is attention to detail and sweating the small stuff (that’s actually pretty big stuff!) that can help get your website bookmarked. For example, how frustrating is it to have to search for a company’s contact info on its website. (Spoiler alert: It is very frustrating!) From category navigation images to image rotation, a website needs to be not only user-friendly but also visually compelling.

Main Event Digital’s team also comprises search engine optimization and product content experts. We work collaboratively with clients to design, build or re-tool B2B websites that will uniquely position your company in regards to voice and brand recognition.

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