Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Solutions for 2021


March 30, 2021

Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Solutions for 2021

By Mike Mayer, Founder and CEO; Main Event Digital

The pandemic has upended everything in our lives, and digital marketing is no exception. But digital marketing best practices are always in flux. One thing I’ve learned in my more than two decades in digital marketing is that conventional wisdom just doesn’t cut it in the long term. One has to stay laser-focused on changes in the industry and emerging cutting-edge trends. In the short time since Main Event Digital has launched, our identity as a “full-service” digital marketing firm has continued to evolve.

For example, we are now examining four digital marketing trends that have the potential to grow further in 2021:

  1.  Facebook Shops

Main Event Digital has a track record of creating multi-million dollar ecommerce channels from scratch. Facebook launched a new e-commerce platform, Facebook Shops, in May 2020. Facebook Shops allows businesses to create online stores on Facebook and Instagram. Shops is distinct from Facebook’s Marketplace. It’s a free service designed as a mobile-driven shopping experience. We can help companies customize their catalog for Shops by highlighting specific products and services and designing filters by categories, brands, etc. Main Event offers free consultations to help you determine if Shops is a viable solution for your company.

  1.  Virtual Reality Commerce

Main Event Digital is out front with virtual reality marketing solutions that allow clients and customers to virtually engage with companies and brands. We can help you join the increasing number of big and small businesses that are incorporating VR features in their social media and apps. For example, makeup company Sephora was an early adopter of virtual reality marketing with its Virtual Artist app that allowed customers to sample different make-up looks and receive personalized product recommendations. Samsung took virtual reality marketing out of this world with it’s a Moon For All Mankind experience, the world’s first lunar gravity simulation.

  1. Get “Smart” with Voice Search Optimization

Roughly 80 percent of American adults have had to change their routine due to the pandemic, according to a 2020 study. Voice-assist and smart speaker usage has boomed during this so-called new normal when more than half of American adults report venturing out only to places that they consider necessary or that they feel safe. Smart speaker adoption has reached a reported one-third of consumers, while a reported 30 percent of all searches are now done without a screen. Textless searches are different in content and structure than text queries. Main Event Digital can help evolve your SEO keyword strategy to optimize your content for voice search.

  1. Smart Bidding

Whether you have a big or small business, automated bidding maximizes conversions through machine learning. Historical searches and contextual data forecast the likelihood of an ad conversion, and then algorithms increase a bid when a conversion appears likely. Smart bidding has several advantages, one of the biggest is that it opens up Google Ads to smaller businesses. But like Facebook Shops, there are cons that might keep smart bidding from being a good solution for your company. At Main Event, we work closely with clients to determine ways to maximize your e-commerce revenue.

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