Website Performance Metrics You Should be Tracking


July 8, 2021

Monitor These Website Performance Metrics

Attention: Is your website operating on autopilot without anyone overseeing its health? That’s like buying a drone to help you train for a boxing match—it just doesn’t make any sense!

Well-designed websites are absolutely crucial for your business, as they give you credibility, provide a platform to showcase your products or services, and are a place where potential customers can connect with you. If you’re a business owner and you’ve brought your company into the digital world by building a website, then you’re on the right track.

But if you’re operating your website without defining your website performance metrics, then you’re fighting a boxing match without ropes, a referee or gloves—at Main Event Digital we call that a street fight, and we know just how to avoid it.

What’s a KPI?

We want your company fighting in the main event for your industry, and Main Event Digital will get you that championship belt by delivering on several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Website KPIs are goals that Main Event Digital strives to knock out while delivering your digital marketing strategy. Different strategies will call for a focus on different KPIs, but we find that measurables such as your website page views, new users count, and the number and kinds of visitor interactions on your site enable us to better understand the customer experience, and ultimately convert visitors into buyers.

Website Page Views as a KPI

Website page views are KPIs that are measured by the number of pages a visitor to your website views. It’s the most common website KPI, and generally, the higher the number, the better. Website page views are defined as an engagement metric, as it enables you to see where users are going on your website.

A high number for website page views probably means that you’re conducting good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, as search engines, such as Google or Bing, are the most common driver of traffic to your website.

How to Measure Website Page Views KPIs

The image below is taken from an actual Main Event Digital customer. One month after implementing a SEO strategy to drive users toward our client’s website and optimizing the best pages on the website, we used Google Analytics to measure a growth in page views of nearly 146%.

Website New Users as a KPI

Maybe you’ve seen it when you search for something using Google, or maybe you haven’t, but if you’ve visited a site before, Google will tell you. That means that Google is tracking IP addresses of visitors to every site that appears in their search engine rankings.

Main Event Digital monitors this data to record when a new user visits the site, as increasing the amount of new users is important to increasing the number of sales leads and conversions.

How to Measure Website New Users as a KPI

Measuring new users as a core KPI is key to understanding if SEO strategy is working for you. Main Event Digital focuses much of its energy toward making websites accessible and attractive to as many people as possible. The metric below demonstrates how Main Event Digital managed to attract more than 160 additional visitors in just one week to a new client’s site.

Average Session Duration as a KPI

Generally, a high number of page views is good, however, if users arrive at your site and leave within a few seconds, then, well, that’s bad. Using average session duration as a KPI helps us understand how much time a user is spending on your website.

Main Event Digital looks at a couple parts of a visitor’s session: the time a user spends on a page and the time they spend on the entire site.

How to Measure Average Session Duration as a KPI

Since we’re measuring the average duration of a session on your website, this website KPI is measured by dividing the total time users spent on your website, by how many users visited your site. Time spent on a page is another KPI that we measure, but by calculating the average time on site, we get a better picture of the whole website experience for users.

With the same Main Event Digital client highlighted above, through careful optimization of the client’s website pages, we managed to increase the average session duration by almost a full minute. Imagine how much of your website a user could digest in a minute!

Most Popular Landing Pages as a KPI - The Pages with the Most Visitor Entrances

Landing pages are a great way to drive traffic to your website, as they are the door that new users walk through to be welcomed into your site. More than two-thirds of B2B businesses use landing pages to drive conversions.

A landing page will drive users toward a specific product or service, and if it’s done right, will encourage users to take action. This can mean you want them to buy, sign up for a newsletter or email list or take advantage of a special offer. This is key, as Main Event Digital wants to optimize the best products, services and offers you have to drive this KPI up.

How to Measure Most Popular Landing Pages

By taking a look at the indicator below, you can see that one landing page outperformed the others. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that the “Page Titles” are very similar, and yet, one combination knocked out the competition. Main Event Digital recognizes these landing pages, measures and optimizes them and then uses them to drive user interactions.

Most Popular (Top Landing Pages)

Conversion Rate as a KPI

Now we’re talking about the main event—what is the end result of your content strategy? Without defining what winning is, there can be no victory. Main Event Digital works with you to define victory, and we’ll try to turn every visitor to your website into a conversion.

Depending on your specific industry, a conversion can be defined as a user who bought something on your site, downloaded content or simply signed up for your newsletter or email list.

How to Measure Conversion Rate as a KPI

Once we define what a conversion is, we simply divide the number of conversions by the number of users who visited your website. As you can see from the metric below, Main Event Digital helped this customer increase conversions—which in this case was defined by sales— by more than 3 ½ times in just one month. Imagine if 3 ½ times the amount of people who visited your site turned into buyers, instead of moving on to your competitors!

Revenue and Return on Investment

Main Event Digital has our eyes on the prize, and when it comes to our clients, revenue is our main focus. For our e-commerce customers this KPI has to be our definition of success.

Of course, revenue can be broken down by specific products, and that’s probably how you’ve conducted your accounting in order to find out which products are your best sellers. Main Event Digital uses a similar approach, except that we look at your total monthly revenue for your site as a whole.

How to Measure Revenue, and Return on Investment

When it comes to operating a business, counting dollars is the bottom line under what we do. If this number doesn’t add up, then you shouldn’t put up. Main Event Digital will pour all its energy into driving this number up, as it’s the result of all the other core KPIs coming together. And if we can drive your revenue up more than 4% in just one month (see below), imagine what we can do over the course of a quarter, or a year.

We want you to know that Main Event Digital is committed to far more KPIs than presented here. These are the website KPIs that we’ve found to have the broadest applicability, but there are literally a hundred more that we track, analyze and optimize to help customers achieve their goals.

Main Event Digital wants to work with you to help define what your company needs, whatever your company needs. Get in the ring with the savviest experts around, and hire a digital marketing company that wants to make you a champion of your industry—Main Event Digital.

Get the support you need to define your core KPIs and become a champ in digital marketing. Schedule your free consultation today.



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