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Rebecca Polen


Content Writer

Rebecca Polen was born and raised inEvansville, Indiana.  After living inChicago, Indianapolis, and Atlanta, she now embraces small town life in Jasper,Indiana with her husband, three children, and many pets.  When she isn’t writing or picking up shiftsas a clinical Social Worker and Discharge Planner at the local hospital,Rebecca is likely lost on a gravel road enroute to a new fossil hunting site orfavorite kayaking spot.  Rebecca alsoenjoys adventurous cooking, hiking, traveling, and the constant struggle tokeep her fledgling garden alive.

Passionate about writing from an early age,Rebecca began her prolific writing career at the tender age of six with anillustrated story for her dad’s lunch box - complete with an alternate endingthat featured even more balloons. Rebecca began content writing more than 18 years ago and has written fornumerous websites.  Her print workincludes articles and features written for the Evansville Courier and Press aswell as other local newspapers, predominantly focused on education and healthstories.  Rebecca thrives on thechallenge of translating complicated or technical material into understandableand engaging content that makes the World Wide Web a better place.